Debra Jo Rupp Debra Jo Rupp

After portraying maternal throwback Kitty Forman for eight seasons on Fox's That '70s Show, Debra Jo Rupp is thankful to go back to the present. In ABC's comedy Better With You — about a family dealing with the youngest daughter's pregnancy and quickie engagement — the actress plays a decidedly more modern mom.

"I think [being a] matriarch is in the stars now, given my age, but this is a different kind of role. Kitty was ever cheerful, but Vicky, not so much. And she has a nice hairdo," says Rupp.

When That '70s Show ended its run in 2006, Rupp took time off to "de-Kitty" — "I had to get rid of that laugh" — and do theater, but felt the pull of TV again this year. "I thought, let's see if television still wants me," she recalls. "And lo and behold, the one comedy that ABC puts on is the one I'm in."

It's a comedy that unites her with another group of what she calls "kids." "Jake Lacy [who plays Vicky's future son-in-law] is right out of school," she says. "I look at him sometimes and just feel so old and jaded!"

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