Competing on Survivor: The Amazon is a tough task for anyone. Factor in the extra obstacle of hearing impairment, and it seems impossible. But that's the challenge last week's castoff, Christy Smith, chose to take on. Hey, you've gotta hand it to this 24-year-old adventure guide for the deaf, who quickly learned to adapt — and made it to the final six without any special consideration.

"I went into the show to be treated fairly, like everyone else," Smith tells TV Guide Online. "I think all of us had our own disadvantages, and we had to deal with them."

Perhaps there was one advantage to being deaf in the Amazon — she wasn't bothered by all the whining and lying that went on behind her back! "Watching the show now, I realize that I didn't need to hear everything," she admits. "Maybe if I had heard stuff, I would have butted in and caused problems, because I am a very opinionated lady."

While she never shied away from sharing her opinions, it was her failure to pick an alliance and stick with it that caused her downfall. When she waffled between teaming with Heidi and Jenna or Rob and Matt, they all banded together and voted her out. "I wish that I could [go back and] say, 'Rob, I'm with you,'" she admits wistfully. "I wish I was more serious about my response."

Ah, but it wasn't Rob she spouted off about during her farewell speech. Christy's venom was reserved for her so-called "evil stepsisters." "I have more of a grudge against Heidi and Jenna, just because I've been with them since day one," she huffs. Note to the sorority gals: Watch your back at Sunday's finale!