Ian McShane in Deadwood courtesy HBO Ian McShane in Deadwood courtesy HBO

The outlook for that pair of Deadwood wrap-up TV-movies is looking as bleak as Deadwood itself, now that so much time has passed, cast members have moved on, and, perhaps most significantly, series creator David Milch is busy getting John from Cincinnati off the ground (so to speak). "It's certainly on our books as something we're still interested in," HBO president Michael Lombardo said at the TCA summer press tour. But with Milch "exhausted" by his new baby, the exec allowed, "It will be daunting" to get the pics - which were originally slated to start lensing this summer - put together as planned. Especially if John gets a second-season pickup (so to speak).

Lombardo has yet to broach the topic with the otherwise-engaged Milch, but when he does, "if David's game for this, then we will figure it out."