Captain Phil Harris Captain Phil Harris

Captain Phil Harris' final voyage will air on Deadliest Catch's upcoming sixth season, has confirmed.

Material for the series' new season, to debut in April, was shot in the weeks leading up to Harris' stroke, according to a rep for the Discovery Channel. Harris, 53, suffered a stroke on Alaska's St. Paul Island in late January and died Feb. 9.

Deadliest Catch Captain Phil Harris dies

Besides airing Harris' final voyage, producers may include footage from Harris' time in the hospital.

"We were there for the entire time. We were there in the hospital," Deadliest Catch executive producer Thom Beers told Entertainment Weekly. "When he came out, he was trying to talk. He couldn't, but he was motioning with his hand to my producer and cameraman. We said we want to give you your space and get out, and he wrote on a piece of paper. It said, 'No, we need a great finish to this story.'"

Harris' family will ultimately decide whether the footage from his hospital room will air.

In the meantime, Discovery Channel will broadcast a 15-hour marathon Saturday to pay homage to Harris.