On Sunday at 10 pm/ET, USA's The Dead Zone returns for its much anticipated fourth season. Producer and star Anthony Michael Hall (previously best known for '80s flicks like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles) is ecstatic that his spooky show is at the forefront of the current trend of psychic-themed dramas, like Medium and Jennifer Love Hewitt's upcoming Ghost Whisperer.

"I feel in my heart that The Dead Zone is one of the best shows out there," the 37-year-old original Brat Packer says, "and there is a lot of stiff competition. I'm proud that it has inspired a few other television shows. It is ultimately flattering — that's how I look at it."

Since Hall's character, Johnny Smith, can see into the future, he's more than happy to foretell some major happenings. Spoiler alert! Read no further if you don't wish to know anything about the upcoming season....

"There is an episode with a young autistic boy who has amazing artistic ability," Hall previews. "He creates this mythical Lord of the Rings-type world which is inspired by my character and other people he has heard about. There is another episode in which we delve into Johnny's father's past.

"We also have the ongoing story line around Stillson (Sean Patrick Flannery), the corrupt politician who, as we see this season, may be heading toward the White House either as vice president or president," he reveals. "Fans of the film version will recall that Martin Sheen played the president, so it is sort of in keeping with that [concept]. I keep having these Armageddonlike visions about [him]. That really heats up."

By the way, this season's roster of name guest stars will include Ed Asner, That '70s Show's Danny Masterson, 24's Sarah Wynter and Jennifer Finnigan (The Bold and the Beautiful, Committed).