Lost Lost

The final scene of Wednesday night's episode of Lost was a whopper. Within the context of the time-jumping series, we already knew we might meet younger versions of certain characters. But did we ever think that presumed-dead characters would pop up on the time-traveling island, alive and well? Should we have seen the discovery that Jin is alive coming a mile away?

Yes! But we didn't, even though deep down we hoped that we hadn't seen the last of Jin. After last season's heartbreaking and brilliant "Ji Yeon," which showed Jin in a flashback trying to buy a baby gift (which we thought was for Sun) and Sun in a flash-forward where she was giving birth (but where was Jin?), we found out that Sun had erected a tombstone for Jin, believing that he had died in the freighter explosion.

Last night's reveal got us thinking back to the Season 4 finale. We didn't see a lot of the ship after it exploded. And we certainly never saw what happened to Jin. Carefully, the powers that be showed only the actual explosion and then the smoking wreckage from the island's point of view. Of course he could have been alive!

But we aren't done with Jin and Sun's story yet! Now that we have one of our favorites back, is there anyone else you could see popping up again? Or let me ask this: Which character's possible death do you think would be an absolute jump the shark moment?

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