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Sunday's two-hour finale of Drop Dead Diva will find Jane and Grayson growing closer over a case that hits close to home — although those touching moments will lead to a heart-pounding season-ender that will make you question whether the cast will be left intact.

Who has a near-death experience on Drop Dead Diva?

As we first reported, a near-death experience — or possibly "more than that," says executive producer Josh Berman — will rock the finale. Grayson appears to be the likely No. 1 candidate to follow the lead of his dead girlfriend Deb, who now resides in Jane's body.

While the series' tag line— a glitzy and ditzy gal dies, hits the return button in heaven and finds herself working alongside her former boyfriend — alone sounds like it's just another "chick show," leading male Diva Jackson Hurst, who plays Grayson, says it's not like that at all.

"I had never watched Lifetime. I kind of thought of it as the chick network," Hurst tells TVGuide.com. "The show is all-encompassing. No matter who you are, you can be entertained by it."

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 Still, when it comes down to it, Drop Dead Diva is like watching a love story the second time around — in which Grayson and Jane (Brooke Elliot) do the friendship tango until he finally realizes she's actually Deb.

While Hurst would love for that big reveal to happen in the very last episode of the series, he teases that it's "definitely in the making. They're writing for it to happen soon."

"The romantic side of me says they're meant to be together," he continues. "There's this amazing cosmic connection between these two characters that Grayson really can't put his finger on."

Exclusive: Gloria Reuben to guest-star on Drop Dead Diva

The finale will bring law firm colleagues Grayson and Jane together as they take on the case of a professor, played by Gloria Reuben, who wants to be cryogenically frozen before succumbing to an illness.

"Grayson is somebody who, more so than your average person, has come to appreciate life because the love of his life lost hers," says Hurst on Grayson's reluctance in the case. "To hear somebody come in with something like this doesn't bode well with him. He and Jane butt heads a few times, but there will be some intimate moments of us getting to know each other more." 

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