Hollywood has-beens are plentiful in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (opening tomorrow). Writer/star David Spade corraled a long list of yesteryear talent, including both Coreys — Feldman and HaimLeif Garrett, and most of the Brady Bunch clan. Was there any C-list celeb on Spade's wish list who wasn't eager and available?

"Fonzie," Spade tells TV Guide Online. "Love him. [Henry Winkler] was my favorite 35-year-old child star."

Would the Happy Days icon really have fit in with folks like Emmanuel Lewis and Screech from Saved by the Bell? "Fonzie was a high-schooler," Spade allows. "We had Jeff Conaway — who was Kenickie — in there. I think that was where we were stretching. Grease technically was high school. They were all 41, but that's okay. He was a good sport about it."

While the definition of "child star" was expanded somewhat, Spade did have to draw the line eventually. As he recalls: "We had a screening [of an early cut of the film]. We were trying to get people for [more cameos], and the guys from CHiPs came. And I'm like, 'I think we've gone too far. These aren't child actors. Now we're just getting into nostalgia.'"

Funnily enough, Who's the Boss? alumna Alyssa Milano landed a character role, instead of a cameo. "It is funny that nobody mentions that Alyssa Milano was a child star, because she landed on her feet," he says. "She's doing great, cute girl, works — and there is no story. We want to see the guy from, like, Three Dog Night sleeping in an alley, finding his teeth on the ground, because they fell out of his head."