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The Governor lives! Well, sort of. Yes, you saw him as a ghostly apparition in Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, but the next time you see actor David Morrissey, the man who played the nefarious villain, he'll most certainly be real.

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Morrissey has signed on to Extant, CBS' sci-fi series about robot kids and alien babies (we think, we're still not sure after watching the messy first season), Variety reports. He'll play the head of a security team that has a history with Molly (Halle Berry) in a recurring role. There is no word on whether or not he'll have an eyepatch, though.

Morrissey is the second big name in the genre scene to join Season 2 of Extant. Jeffrey Dean Morgan of Supernatural and The Watchmen fame was booked on Extant as a series regular in late January.

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