Twin Peaks fans went into The Return expecting it to be the end of the series. And then the brain-liquefying finale happened, leaving things so open-ended that it seems like actually, maybe David Lynch and Mark Frost have a lot more story to tell.

Well, Lynch himself told Entertainment Weekly that it could happen. When asked if he had talked to Showtime about doing more Twin Peaks, he said, "No, we haven't talked. The thing just finished! Even if there was more, it would be four years from now before anyone would see it. We'll just have to wait and see."

That ain't a no. Maybe we'll find out more about what's the deal with Richard (Kyle MacLachlan) and Carrie (Sheryl Lee), who may or may not be Agent Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer. For the record, Lynch refused to talk about who they are. He also refused to talk about any ideas he might have for what comes next.

He also had this to say about the confounding and beautiful finale, which is pretty much the definitive word on it, as far as I'm concerned: "Some things came to a conclusion. And some things dangled out there. And that's sort of the way it is in life. [long pause]"

Twin Peaks may return in four years. Or maybe not. Who knows? Should "four years" be taken literally? Probably not. Maybe Frost's upcoming book Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier will have some answers. But probably not. At least he didn't say it'll be another 25 years.

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