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David Hasselhoff was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital after he was found passed out at his home, according to RadarOnline.

News: David Hasselhoff taken to hospital for drug reaction, not excess drinking, says rep

"Paramedics were called to the [location] in Encino for medical aid," Los Angeles City Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott told RadarOnline. "Paramedics arrived at approximately 11:51 am [on Friday] and later transported the patient [to] a nearby hospital."

David Hasselhoff in discussions for new reality show

It has yet to be determined if alcohol was involved.

Hasselhoff, 57, was taken to a hospital in September after a combination of drugs affected Hasselhoff's equilibrium, according to the actor's rep. TMZ reported, however, that Hasselhoff's daughter, Hayley, called her mother, Pamela Bach, claiming that her father was drinking excessively.

Hasselhoff blames former wife Pamela for video leak of his drunken stupor

A video featuring Hasselhoff in an inebriated state was also leaked in 2007. The America's Got Talent judge and Baywatch star told the New York Post "part of recovery is relapse," but he also claimed the video "was never meant to become public, but was obviously released by my estranged wife [Bach], who has her own agenda."

A call to Hasselhoff's rep was not immediately returned to TVGuide.com.