David Gregory, Meet the Press David Gregory, Meet the Press

David Gregory has officially been named the new moderator of Meet the Press.

The longtime NBC chief White House correspondent will take over the role, vacated in June by the death of Tim Russert, on Sunday, Dec. 14. Interim moderator, Tom Brokaw, formally introduced Gregory at the end of his broadcast Sunday, ending weeks of rumors and speculation.

Calling the position an "incredible honor," Gregory vowed to take the job "with great purpose" and adhere to Russert's advice to "hold leaders accountable."

"I'm honored and deeply humbled as I take on this role," Gregory said. "I'm filled with a great sense of purpose as I join a superb team to cover Washington and the world from a treasured platform in our country. Above all, I want to make Tim proud."

Gregory is currently the host of MSNBC's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and anchored Race to the White House this fall.

Other contenders for the anchor seat included Katie Couric, NBC's Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, PBS' Gwen Ifill and CNN's John King.