David Good, Bachelor Pad David Good, Bachelor Pad

After his stint on The Bachelorette and a winning turn on Bachelor Pad, David Good has put all his experience with love (and, of course, lust) into a book called The Man Code.

"The man code is an unwritten set of rules that governs all men," he says. "It's something we're genetically made up with and why men act the way they do."

Bachelor Pad winner has a message for fellow contestants: "Bite me"

So if the 29-year-old reality star knows so much about men, what are his tips for women?

"Start out your relationship with 100 percent honesty and trust," he says. "When you start out being brutally honest, you can be free to open up."

Watch the full interview with David below as he shares whether or not he follows his own rules, and which of the ladies he likes on Bachelor Brad's season.