David Duchovny David Duchovny

David Duchovny isn't taking recent affair rumors lying down. The actor plans to sue the U.K.'s Daily Mail over an article it ran that claimed he was romantically involved with a tennis instructor, his lawyer, Larry Stein, confirmed to TVGuide.com.

Over the weekend, the British paper ran a story alleging that Duchovny and Edit Pakay, with whom he's played tennis, were involved. On Monday, Stein released a declaration from Pakay, who zealously denied any such type of relationship, asserting that the two are "just friends."

"We have never had, and do not have, a romantic or sexual relationship," Pakay said in her statement.

The rumor about Duchovny's infidelity comes after an announcement last week from his wife Téa Leoni that the two are separated, and have been for some time. Leoni wasn't immune from the affair rumor mill herself; within hours of her announcement, buzz about her own alleged indiscretions hit the 'net. Earlier this fall, Duchovny was in rehab for sex addiction.

Does Duchovny have a shot at winning his case? What would be the best way, in your opinion, to see justice be served?