David Bowie & Bing Crosby, <em>Bing Crosby's Merrie Old Christmas</em> David Bowie & Bing Crosby, Bing Crosby's Merrie Old Christmas

David Bowie died from cancer on Jan. 10. He leaves behind a legacy of incredible music. To celebrate the life and career of this icon, we've rounded up his greatest television performances. To fully understand Bowie's music, you had to see all of it, the fashion and the theatrical presentation and the mysteriousness. Here are 12 amazing performances of his own songs and songs by others, plus one very special bonus clip of 17-year-old David Jones talking about his long hair.

David Bowie, music legend, dead at 69

Very first TV appearance, BBC, 1964

"Space Oddity," Ivor Novello Awards, 1969 (first televised performance)

"Starman," Top of the Pops, 1972

"Young Americans," The Dick Cavett Show, 1974

"Funtime"/"Sister Midnight," with Iggy Pop, 1977

"Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth," with Bing Crosby, Bing Crosby's Merrie Old Christmas, 1977

"The Man Who Sold The World," featuring Klaus Nomi, Saturday Night Live, 1979

Celebrities react to David Bowie's death

"Life on Mars?"/"Ashes to Ashes," The Tonight Show, 1980

"Heroes," Live Aid, 1985

"Black Tie White Noise," The Arsenio Hall Show, 1993

"Under Pressure," Dutch TV, 1996

"Queen Bitch"/"I'm Waiting for the Man," with Lou Reed, 50th Birthday Celebration, 1997

"Wake Up," with The Arcade Fire, Fashion Rocks, 2005