March 10 marks Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 20th anniversary, but don't expect star David Boreanaz to do much to celebrate.

The actor recently gave a hard pass to participating in any sort of Buffy remake or reunion. "No, never; that's done, see ya, next," Boreanaz told Parade.

The Bones star got his start playing a vampire on Buffy and on his own spin-off Angel, and as Boreanaz explained, his reluctance to revisit Buffy has nothing to do with a dislike of genre fare. "I have no problem with the cult audience, and I would totally get back into the genre, but I'm not a big reunion guy," Boreanaz said. "I tend to like to go forward. I don't like to go backward — except when I've got ice skates on my feet and I'm playing hockey."

Boreanaz's kibosh on any Buffy reunion is also sad news for Bones fans, who probably shouldn't expect the star to be revisiting his character Booth any time soon after Bones ends later this year.