The nail-biting season finale of Fox's Paradise Hotel was full of surprises, but none more eye-popping than Charla's final decision: Faced with $250,000 in prize money, she opted not to split it with her kindly roommate, Dave. Nope, she kept it all for her greedy self. Huh? That Barbie girl would never have made it to the final four without him! Alas, the 26-year-old may've flown back to Boston sans the cash — or the girl — but he does get props for loyalty.

As Dave tells TV Guide Online: "I would have split the money with Toni if she was my final partner, if she had, in any way, helped me get to the end. I think almost everyone there would have split the money."

That's doubtful, considering Paradise's pit of vipers. Don't forget, Toni mercilessly teased and taunted Dave about his appearance. (Hey, so what if the dude has large ears!) Anyway, it had to sting when Dave's crush refused to share the quarter mil. "Was I hurt that I didn't get it?" he shrugs. "Yes. But did Charla win the prize fair and square? Absolutely. Did she owe me anything out of obligation? No."

Had he won, Dave says: "The only question would have been, would I give her half or would I give her the whole thing." Yikes! This boy's been in the sun too long. But we don't mean in Las Vegas. Despite Tara and Keith's offer to take the all the guests on vacation, the Paradise Hotel gang has not reunited in Sin City since the show wrapped.

If asked back, would Dave return to Paradise for its second season? "As a contestant, absolutely not," he laughs. "I'm thinking on-screen therapist."