Before Deborah Ann Woll was playing Daredevil's dogged secretary Karen Page, she was waxing Don Swayze's body on the set of True Blood.

Yes, you read that right. As Woll recalls to, she accidentally gave Patrick Swayze's brother a thorough waxing while they were filming a particularly bloody scene together.

"Don Swayze was in playing a werewolf and I had to kill him, but he had to have transformed back into a human," Woll says. "So he was naked, out in the middle of the woods, covered in blood, and I was leaning over him eating him. And the problem with the blood is, it's like wax. It hardens. So, every time I would rear up to do my vampiric howl at the moon, I would be waxing the hair off of his body.

"So, Don Swayze, if you're out there, I hope the bald patch grew back in."

See what else Woll and her Daredevil co-star Elden Henson reveal in the video above.