Daphne Zuniga by Fred Norris/The CW Daphne Zuniga by Fred Norris/The CW

The CW's One Tree Hill (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) has had its fair share of villains, and the newest bit of evil to take the town by storm is Victoria Davis, played by Daphne Zuniga. We caught up with the former Melrose Place resident to see if viewers might ever see Victoria's softer side, and preview how she and her Spaceballs co-stars will be reuniting on the small screen. - Robyn Ross

TVGuide.Com: Had you seen Tree Hill before getting cast as Victoria?
Daphne Zuniga:
No, they sent me tapes and I watched some previous episodes which I thought were great. Even though it's about high school it felt really smart and emotionally mature, so it really interested me. Then I got on the phone with [series creator] Mark [Schwahn] and we had this great interaction as he described this character. I love supporting women and body image so at first I thought that would be my character, but no that's [Brooke], and I'm the antithesis of that. I thought that as long as the message is getting across, I'm happy to play the villain.

TVGuide.Com: Readers of our recap blog think that Victoria was involved with the robbery at Clothes Over Bros and Brooke getting beat up....
I can't talk about any plot or story, but we've seen already that I'm pretty inappropriate and pretty violent a person, and I have absolutely no motherly feeling towards my daughter. If it were to be me, people wouldn't be surprised.

TVGuide.Com: Will we ever see a softer side to Victoria?
The situation right now is so desperate that if there was any softer side it would have to come from Brooke first, saying, "OK, I'm sorry mom. I'm back in New York, I want to help you with this company and keep it going the way you know is best." Victoria hasn't heard that yet, so I don't see much softness in her future.

TVGuide.Com: Do you enjoy playing the villain?
I love it because you're definitely acting. It reminds you, "Oh yeah, I'm acting. That's what I do for a living." It's fun.

TVGuide.Com: Victoria and Dan would make the perfect evil couple if they were to ever put you guys together.
It would be like The War of the Roses. That's a very sort of humorous and dramatic idea. Putting them together, who would survive?

TVGuide.Com: Are you going to be sticking around for awhile?
I've shot some stuff that you guys haven't seen yet so that was fun. They don't tell me that far in advance, so I'm not quite sure.

TVGuide.Com: Torrey Devito played your daughter on Beautiful People. Though Carrie and Victoria don't have scenes together, how it is being on the same show again?
I loved seeing her. Mark asked me about her and I said she's fantastic, and they love her there. They've just turned her into this total nut, right? She's so beautiful and whenever you see that, people hold it against them and don't expect the talent to be there to match the beauty. Right now, she's showing us her talent.

TVGuide.Com: Is there anyone else you haven't had scenes with that you're hoping to?
The thing about Victoria is that she doesn't like to hang out [in Tree Hill]. She only comes into town when she has to, slaps a few people around and then leaves. I can't really see her hanging out unless she had to. I've liked my stuff with Peyton (Hilarie Burton), and I've only had a scene or two with Joy (Bethany Joy Galeotti). She's a great actress, I'd love to work with her some more.

TVGuide.Com: There is talk that there may be a Melrose Place reunion at the Emmys. Is there any truth to that?
I have not heard. By the end of that show, when we were seven or however many years in, there were so many different cast members.... Maybe they were going out to see who will do it, or maybe it's just a rumor.

TVGuide.Com: Did you see Grant Show's Swingtown at all?
No, but I wanted to. I've seen his big mustache live, and I was pretty impressed. I was like,
"Dude, you look good like that." He's perfect for that era.

TVGuide.Com: Spaceballs: The Animated Series premieres Sept. 21, on G4. Why revisit that movie now, after all these years?
Why now, I don't know. Mel Brooks has gone through this "rebirth" where he's just producing - he can't stop, whether it's Broadway or cartoons - so when they called me I agreed right away. I love the idea of working with him again. Joan Rivers came back, and that's been great. Bill Pullman couldn't do it, but we have someone who sounds so much like him, and of course John Candy isn't with us anymore, but we have an amazing guy who sounds and looks just like him. I get in there and I'm just so humbled by these brilliant voice-over artists who make the whole thing come alive. Every episode will be a take-off of another movie. It's wildly creative and fun, so I hope it does really well and people enjoy it.