Lethal Weapon hero Danny Glover has a confession to make about one of his co-stars in

Wes Anderson's upcoming family comedy The Royal Tenenbaums (opening Dec. 14). "I have a major crush on Anjelica Huston," the 54-year-old actor tells TV Guide Online. "I'm crazy about her — everything from her intelligence to her unique beauty and her warmth."

In Tenenbaums, Glover plays a gentle scholar who courts Huston's matriarch character. Of course, Huston isn't the only Hollywood leading lady Glover admits taking a shine to. "I love Amy Madigan — there's something so raw and unique about her," he gushes. "And forget all those things I said in The Color Purple — I think Whoopi Goldberg is absolutely beautiful. I'm serious as a heart attack about this."

We believe ya, buddy! But we must ask: How does your wife of over 25 years, Asake Bomani, feel about your, ahem, wandering eye? "She's comfortable with it," he winks. "She thinks Whoopi is beautiful, too!"

Apart from getting to share the screen with the likes of Goldberg and Huston, Glover is pleased that his high-profile career also allows him to speak out about the human condition. Inspired by his work as goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, he is teaming up with HBO to develop a movie about Rwanda.

"I'm also trying to do a project about Toussant L'Overture and the Haitian refugees," reveals the San Francisco native. And just as we're about to pose the natural follow-up question, Glover interjects: "No — there's not going to be a Lethal Weapon 5!"