Danny Glover's stint on the new Fox drama Touch was a temporary one, as viewers found out last week. Now that Glover's character has been killed off the Kiefer Sutherland series, creator Tim Kring confirms that the actor had signed on to only appear in the show's first six episodes.

Last Thursday's episode ended with Glover's character, Prof. Arthur Teller, slumped over his car's steering wheel, dead under mysterious circumstances. "That's our first indication that there's a serialized story going on here," Kring says of the plot twist. "We had him for six episodes, and he appeared in five out of the six."

Kring said the show, network and studio made sure never to promote the fact that Glover's appearance was limited. "This has been a long time in the making. He was the kind of character that runs its course eventually," Kring says, calling Teller the show's "Yoda character" — the character who knows more than your lead character, and who either becomes too convenient, "or you go to him and he knows all the answers," taking away some of the drama.

By last week's episode, Teller seemed to be moving closer to unlocking the mystery of a number pattern that has perplexed him for years, and more recently has been channeled through Jake (David Mazouz), the mute son of Sutherland's character, Martin Bohm. "Now we will be rolling out a mythology that will deal with who is interested in someone like Jake, and who would want to do some harm," Kring says. "That becomes the big engine that raises the stakes."

The mythology will continue to develop toward the season finale. But Touch will also continue to include standalone, interconnected storylines each week that serve as a bit of an anthologized backdrop to Jake and the numbers. Also arriving on the scene is Maria Bello, who plays the mother of another child who, like Jake, sees mysterious patterns in the world. Meanwhile, although Touch hasn't yet been renewed, Kring says he's optimistic for a season two, and notes that the show has done well internationally as well.

Touch airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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