Danny Bonaduce, Shannen Doherty Danny Bonaduce, Shannen Doherty

Move over, Sharktopus: Syfy's next batch of campy TV movies include zombies, a Jersey Shore shark attack, Danny Bonaduce fighting Bigfoot and Shannen Doherty as Hansel's long-lost sister.

The cable network is set to announce a new slate of original movies on Tuesday, including Bigfoot, which will star The Partridge Family's Bonaduce opposite another 1970s sitcom icon, Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch) as they hunt for the mountain creature.

Syfy is big on these kinds of pairings, having previously pit 1980s pop tarts Debbie Gibson and Tiffany opposite each other in Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

It's more than a reunion; it's a kiss-and-make-up for Bonaduce and Williams, who previously sparred in Fox's 2002 reality competition Celebrity Boxing. Bonaduce prevailed over Williams (who had been rechristened "Barry da Butcher") after just two rounds.

Also in the works at Syfy is Gretl, which centers on Hansel, a witch hunter who's looking to destroy the witch who killed his sister (Doherty). But, in a not-so-spoiler-alert, Gretl is not actually dead. (No word on whether she's now living in that gingerbread house.) Gretl is set for a November airdate.

Syfy is also biting into the zombie phenomenon, greenlighting the movie Zombie Apocalypse. The TV movie centers on a small group of survivors traveling cross-country to a rumored Catalina Island refuge after 90 percent of the U.S. population is wiped out by the zombie plague. Coincidentally (or not), the movie is set to run in October — right when AMC's zombie-fied The Walking Dead is expected to return.

Snowmageddon, set for December, focuses on a snow globe that causes bad things to happen when you shake it. Enough said.

In time for St. Patrick's Day 2012 (which falls on a Saturday, naturally), St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun focuses on an evil (aren't they all?) leprechaun who's accidentally set free from the oak tree where he's been imprisoned. Naturally, before heading to the pub he gets all bloody revenge-like on the folks whose ancestors first imprisoned him.

Among more straight-ahead Syfy pics, Red Faction: Origins, based on the Red Faction video game franchise, will run sometime in 2011. Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) stars as Alec Mason, a hero who led the Martian Colonies to freedom — only to see his enemies kill his wife and kidnap his daughter. Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) plays Alec's son, Jake, who discovers that his sister (Kate Vernon) is still alive — but a soldier now out to destroy the Red Faction.

Jason Connery (Area 51) will direct Roswell, which takes place 65 years after the first UFO crash in Roswell. Now, another ship is in town to rescue their stranded alien pals — while also continuing their earth invasion plans. Roswell was selected by fans for Syfy's B Movie Mogul project.

And Dungeons and Dragons 4, which will likely air in September 2012, centers on a princess and a knight who become reluctant heroes.

And what about that Jersey Shore Shark Attack? Sorry, Snooki and Pauly D are safe — but the New Jersey shore isn't. The movie, which centers on vacationing Jerseyites fending off shark attacks on the shore, will run in 2012.

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