Danielle Fishel courtesy The Style Network Danielle Fishel courtesy The Style Network

For seven seasons, Danielle Fishel played the straight girl to Boy Meets World's Ben Savage. Now, the all-grown-up Topanga is getting her goof on as host of The Dish (Saturdays, 10pm/ET, Style), a fashion-centric spin-off from E!'s The Soup. - Damian Holbrook

TV Guide: So you're giving it to the fashion world, huh?
Danielle Fishel:
Yes! Fashion is one of the areas you have to have a sense of humor [about], right? If you can't laugh at the choices you've made then maybe you're taking yourself too seriously.

TV Guide: What fashion mistakes have you made?
Oh lordI wore a hot pink dress with this huge flower on it. I don't even like pink or flowers! And there were several outfits from Boy Meets World that shouldn't have happened. [ Laughs]

TV Guide: Speaking of Boy, what the hell kind of name was Topanga?
I grew up in the San Fernando Valley [near] Topanga Canyon, and in the '60s it was a huge hippie hangout. My character was very flower child like when she started, so the story is that one of [ Boy's] writers called the executive producer and said, "We still need a name for this character" and he just happened to be stuck in traffic in Topanga Canyon.