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Daniel Tosh has accused ESPN of ripping off his "Web Redemption" feature forSportsCenter's new "Awesome Video Segment."

The Tosh.0 star blasted the network during a recent taping. "Did ESPN really think I wouldn't notice when they came up with an eerily familiar new segment called 'Awesome Video Segment'?" he asked.

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 In "Web Redemption," Tosh shows an embarrassing video clip and offers the person in the clip a chance to re-enact the moment in question. "Awesome Video Segment" is ... basically exactly the same thing. Tosh took particular issue with the show's use of his catchphrase, "Are you ready to give it another shot?"

"You f---ing hacks are cheapening my brand!" he said. "I'm fine with kids in high school or college plagiarizing, but once you work for a real network you should have some g--damn self-respect!"

Watch Tosh's rant, as well as how he retaliated, below:

Do you think "Awesome Video Segment" is a rip-off of "Web Redemption"?