Prince passed away April 21, leaving the music world reeling from the loss. Dozens of performers have paid heartwrenching tribute so far, and on Tuesday's Tonight Show, Prince acolyte D'Angelo and Princess, comedian Maya Rudolph's Prince cover band, left another amazing offering at the altar.

It's not one of Prince's biggest hits, but "Sometimes It Snows In April" is perhaps the most fitting song to memorialize Prince with. The mournful piano ballad is the closing track from his album Parade, the soundtrack to the film Under the Cherry Moon, where Prince played a character named Christopher Tracy.

The lyrics are from the perspective of Tracy's lover remembering him after his death, and are easily adaptable to thinking about a world without Prince. During the performance, D'Angelo changed the line, "I often dream of heaven and I know that Tracy's there," to be about Prince, and got too choked up to sing the next line. Prince fans will feel that sadness, too.

Prince 1958-2016

It's a beautiful performance of a beautiful song. D'Angelo, the most Prince-like musician on Earth now that Prince is gone, is the perfect person for this job; and even perpetually cheery host Jimmy Fallon had a hard time holding back tears when it was done.