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Dancing's Kyle Massey Adds an "Interesting Twist" to Tango

Kyle Massey has one goal for Dancing with the Stars this week: "We're going to go out there and not get a 5!" he tells TVGuide.com. Massey and partner Lacey Schwimmer earned the middling score from Len Goodman last week for their ...

Joyce Eng

Kyle Massey has one goal for Dancing with the Stars this week: "We're going to go out there and not get a 5!" he tells TVGuide.com. Massey and partner Lacey Schwimmer earned the middling score from Len Goodman last week for their '70s-inspired foxtrot, and while Massey was visibly and vocally disappointed with the score at the time, that's all in the past now. "What happened happened," he says. "We made it through another week and now we're going to try to wow them twice." With an individual routine and the Rock 'n' Roll marathon on tap, the Disney star calls this week one of the hardest yet, but he says he's "totally ready for it."
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TVGuide.com: You're definitely one of the most entertaining contestants the show's ever had. What has the fan reaction been like?
Kyle Massey:
Thank you! It's just cool to be able to go out there and have fun and have people have fun with you. When people watch us at home, they know we're just not out there dancing, looking like robots. We're actually going out there to have fun, so that translates. It's pretty cool to have people watch the show and go, "You know, I really like the way you dance." We just go out there and have fun.

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TVGuide.com: Len wasn't very fond of your foxtrot last week. Do you think there was too much of a '70s feel to it?
No. They gave us [the theme from] Charlie's Angels. Yes, we do have technique to do, but at the same time, we do have personalities we have to incorporate too. So when they gave us that dance and music, we found what we thought was a happy medium between the '70s, our personalities and the dance. I felt like we accomplished what we set out to do. So this week, all that matters is getting higher than a 5 from Len! [Laughs]TVGuide.com: The judges have been commenting on your technique and footwork. Have you been working on that?
Definitely. Well, they said that my footwork has gotten better, but that I've been so focused on my footwork that I've been forgetting about my upper body. So I've definitely worked on that this week and now I think, once again, we've found that happy medium — that certain amount of everything to make it work.TVGuide.com: How's the tango going?
The tango is going pretty well. It's just strenuous and continuous. It's probably one of the hardest weeks, but it's necessary to win. You're in hold a lot in the tango, and there's a lot of technical moves you must do in order to make it a tango. I think just the footwork — the backsteps, the ball-change and the turns — is the hardest. You can never move your frame when you do them. Your posture has to be up and out, and everything has got to be perfectly straight.

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TVGuide.com: It's Rock 'n' Roll week, so I'm assuming you have a rock song. Is it weird to do a tango to a rock song?
It actually works! It works very, very well. Once you see it, you're going to say, "That's very cool." It's a very interesting twist to the tango. We always try to have a story, like a love-hate relationship sort of thing, but I think this week is probably the most unique because of the way we did it. ... The usage of the stage — we use the full stage. We really have a lot of attitude in our performance with our grabs and holds and pulls. Everything's really intense, but at the same time, it's like a flowing dance. I can't explain it well. It's really rough, rugged and hard and sharp, and then it flows.TVGuide.com: Lacey wanted you to eat healthier. Are you still secretly eating pizzas?
[Laughs] I only eat a pizza every Tuesday. I figure, "Hey, if I'm going home, I'm going home with a full stomach of pizza. I'm not going home hungry."TVGuide.com: What are you focused on for the marathon? Are you nervous to do two dances?
Nah! It's necessary. This is a competition. I'm totally ready for it. I think you have to really perform in the marathons. It's not so much about dancing, but it's more about performing. I think when we go out there, we just have to out-perform everyone. We're going to throw some cool moves in there and we can do lifts. It's like a whole different ballgame. I'm going to see what I can do!TVGuide.com: I know some of the guys have this football game on set. Do you play with them?
Yeah, we play every Monday and Tuesday. We put these cones in the middle of the street, maybe 50 yards away from each other. We put little signs on top. If you hit the cone, it's one point and if you hit the sign, it's two points. The first team to 10 points wins.

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TVGuide.com: Wouldn't whoever has Kurt on their team be at an advantage?
[Laughs] Sometimes it'll be Kurt and one other person against five people on the other team. That's how we keep it fair! Me and Kurt won, and I beat Kurt one time. Everyone gets a win at least once. I can say I beat [Kurt] at least once at throwing a football. That'll probably be the only thing I'll ever beat him at in football!TVGuide.com: I loved Kyle's Angels in your package last week. It sounds like a show in the making.
I said the same thing and everyone disagreed with me! I'm definitely up for more Kyle's Angels. But what was cool was to have three dancers come in with three different perspectives. They all saw something different that needed work. Lacey saw one thing, and you get Kym [Johnson] and Chelsie [Hightower], and they saw completely different things. It's pretty cool to be taught by three professionals. And they were pretty hot too!