Marla and Tony wanted so badly to stay in the competition, but it wasn't their night as the couple was sent home following their Little Mermaid-inspired routine. Of course, it was to be expected after scoring an unfortunate 28/40 with the judges and not having much juice with fans coming out of last week.

It's Disney night at Dancing with the Stars, and fans were surely in for a treat from the moment Mickey and Minnie took the stage with the rest of the cast in the opening number. But once the joys of the Magic Kingdom came to an end, it was time for the competition to begin. Fortunately, it was a good one, featuring routines set to classic tunes from such films as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, as well as some new entries into the Disney pantheon, like Zootopia.

Antonio Brown & Sharna Burgess - Jazz - "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin

The dance: There was worry up top that Antonio wasn't going to be able to keep up with his four professional backup dancers, but that was proven false. Though the dance itself was a little simple, sometimes simple is the best way to go. Gauntlet thrown!

What the judges say: Everyone dug the Aladdin-inspired routine, complimenting Antonio's improvement in skill.

Score: 35/40

Doug Flutie & Karina Smirnoff - Jazz - "A Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins

The dance: After finishing in last place last week, Doug and Karina had to seriously bring their A game, which they did. The team's Mary Poppins routine was complete with the kind of energy, and even magic, one associates with the classic film. Flutie may have struggled during rehearsal, but you'd never know it watching the final product.

What the judges say: The judges thought that they fell out a sync a few times, but enjoyed their performances in character.

Score: 24/40

Ginger Zee & Valentin Chmerkovskiy - Foxtrot - "Belle" Beauty and the Beast

The dance: Ginger was ready to break out in a big way from all those 7s this week, which she very much did. Her love for Belle came through in full force during her routine. She and Valentin really found a way to celebrate the majesty of one of Disney's most beloved animated classics with a routine that was full of energy and spirit.

What the judges say: Len called it the best performance of the season; everyone else was equally as effusive.

Score: 36/40

Jodie Sweetin & Keo Motsepe - Cha Cha - "Try Everything" from Zootopia

The dance: They brought the house to tears last week, but this week Jodie and Keo were all about the fun, incorporating some animated goodness into their bit. Unfortunately, the animation is where the uniqueness of it all stopped. The dance was lacking in energy, though Jodi and Keo definitely had fun doing it.

What the judges say: The judges, though appreciative of the effort, felt the dance was lacking, which Jodie blamed on not being able to hear the music.

Score: 27/40

Kim Fields & Sasha Farber - Quickstep - "I Wan'na Be Like You" from The Jungle Book

The dance: Dolphin dives or not, Kim and Sasha's routine felt like the one that least translated its source material to dance. Rather, it felt more like a normal routine gussied up to look jungle-y. Was no one willing to put on an animal costume at least? The whole bit was just lacking in ambition.

What the judges say: Nevertheless, the judges enjoyed the duo's enthusiasm.

Score: 32/40

Marla Maples & Tony Dovolani - Waltz - "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid

The dance: Questionable rehearsal stress relievers aside, Marla and Tony's routine was a bit of a bore. They were definitely trying, but it wasn't as exciting as it could have been. Some may argue that had more to do with the song choice of "Part of Your World," a traditionally slow song, but it seems like there could have been ways to increase the wow factor a bit.

What the judges say: The judges praised Marla's elegance, but Bruno (and some others) noted that her movement could have used some improvement.

Score: 28/40

Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd - Samba - "Trashin' the Camp" from Tarzan

The dance: After a strong outing last week, resulting in the first 9 of the season, Nyle and Peta were ready to bring the heat. Blessed with an upbeat track from the film's score, the couple were indeed able to breathe some serious life into their samba, which also featured some of the best acting of the night. It was fun, and full of the kind of passion we expected to see after last week.

What the judges say: Declared the winners of best supporting loin cloth, the judges were blown away by the samba number.

Score: 34/40

Paige VanZant & Mark Ballas - Quickstep - "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story

The dance: They received great praise for their UFC-inspired dance last week, and this week Paige and Mark wowed the judges with an elaborate dance inspired by Toy Story. It was totally charming.

What the judges say: The judges found themselves in awe of the dance and its sheer complexity.

Score: 36/40

Von Miller & Witney Carson - Viennese Waltz - "A Dream Is a Wish" from Cinderella

The dance: Von and Witney needed to improve their standing after being in the bottom bunch last week, and they tried their hardest to do just that this week. The routine, though set to one of the more somber songs of the night, was definitely bringing the heat in a really romantic way. Von was right, he can fake Prince Charming really well.

What the judges say: The judges liked the duo's transformation and were happy to see how much Von had improved since last week.

Score: 32/40

Wanyá Morris & Lindsay Arnold - Samba - "Circle of Life" from The Lion King

The dance: They took second place last week, but this week Wanyá and Lindsay were gunning for first. They set a high bar dancing to a remix of "Circle of Life," but they pulled it off with, arguably, the most well-choreographed moves of the night.

What the judges say: The judges were all impressed with the couple's routine, but Len loved it so much he was still clapping when it came time to speak, and that says it all.

Score: 35/40

What did you think of Disney night? Were you sad to see Marla go?