The Dancing with the Starsresults show has returned as we're getting down to the Final Four. Who got cut in the double elimination and who will be dancing their way to the finale? Read on to find out!

Tom and Erin remind us that a third of the cast is going home tonight, but first the encore! No surprise here, the judges choose Rumer, Val and Artem's Paso.

Following the dance, and some backstage moments from last night, we find out Rumer and Val are safe. Obvs.

After a five-season hiatus, Dance Center is back. I've never seen this but my colleague and former Dancing recapper Joyce Eng is very excited about it. I can see why because Jerry Rice, Len and Kenny Mayne are hilarious, and Kenny especially, who sums up the celebrities in the best way possible. First he describes Robert as a "panelist on Shark Tank and crazy rich" and then he cues some footage of the two whispering sweet nothings to each other. Next, he mentions Chris "Farm Boy" Soules fromThe Bachelor who "couldn't find a girl a regular way." And then he says Riker looks as if David Lee Roth and one of the Hansen brothers had a baby. Why have I never realized that before? Also, he shows us this:

Back to the ballroom, we see footage of Chris and Witney's dance last night and apparently the theme of the night is how much everyone loves their partner! I'm down with it. But are those two safe? Nope, they're in jeopardy.

Dancing with the Stars Recap: One couple gets a perfect score, and another couple kisses!

Carly Rae Jepsen performs "I Really Like You" and I really like this song. Really, really, really. I listen to it every morning on the subway, in fact, secretly wishing Tom Hanks will pop up. Anywho, Erin brings down the mood by telling us Noah and Sharna had a mishap in the dress rehearsal and fell to the floor. But they performed well for the live performance, so phew.

We get some footage of Robert and Kym, but no extra backstage smooches and instead Robert was pretty frustrated with the feedback from the trio dance. To make things worst, he and Kym are up for elimination now against Noah and Sharna. Who is safe? Not the dynamic showmance duo. Let's all give it up for Tom for slyly saying, "You may not have won the Mirror Ball, but I'm suspecting you won someone's heart." Avoiding the sentiment, Robert, who was quick on his toes, responded, "Tom, I'm not sure I feel that way about you."

Noah, by the way, makes it to the semi-finals.

Dance Center returns with "Nasty Nastia Liukin" and Noah's washboard abs. Kenny talks about all the hardships he's faced - having Sharna knock out his tooth! The montage about his "package" talk also cracked me up. Finally, they dissect Rumer and her booty. "That's it for us. They'll probably kill us off for a couple of years," Kenny concludes, we hope, incorrectly.

After Erin chats with Derek and Nastia backstage, Travis Wall and Shaping Sound take the stage to dance. They also dance against a bunch of walls, which I'm guessing is not a coincidence.

Back to Nastia and Derek, we see backstage footage from last night and Nastia was clearly upset by the package they showed of her. Riker and Allison, meanwhile, had only happy thoughts after their dance, and Allison even teared up. Riker and Allison, though, are in jeopardy while Nastia and Derek are safe.

Josh Groban takes the stage to perform "Over the Rainbow" and Maddie Ziegler and two other Dance Moms stars join her. No Kristen Wiig, sadly.

Dancing's Derek Hough: I'm getting better by the day

The final spot comes down between Chris and Witney and Riker and Allison. While I love my Bachelor Chris, I'm ecstatic that Riker made it — he's deserved that spot since the beginning! With Willow's shockingly early elimination that fourth spot seemed like it was up for grabs between Noah, Chris and Robert and while I'm not sure Noah was any better than the two eliminated tonight, I'm looking forward to what he and Sharna cook up for semi-finals.

Are you happy to see Rumer, Riker, Nastia and Noah make it through? Will you miss Robert and Chris? Tell us below!

See how well Nastia and Derek know each other: