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Dancing with the Stars: Bindi's Not the Only One Who Brings a Snake to the Dance!

Plus: Who got perfect scores?

Liz Raftery

It's Nostalgia Night on Dancing with the Stars, with the couples each performing iconic dances from television, film and Broadway. And, we've got some added star power in the ballroom tonight: Dancing alum Leah Remini is on hand to fill in for Erin Andrews, who is covering baseball playoffs, and Olivia Newton-John is behind the table as a guest judge.

Plus, by the end of the night, not one, not two, but three - count 'em, three - perfect scores will be handed out. Keep reading to find out who got them!

Hayes Grier and Emma Slater (jazz)
The dance: Let me just pause a moment to get over my shock/depression that Hayes is too young to have heard of Grease. Hayes is a little too innocent to fully channel Danny Zucco, but he's also leaps and bounds above any high school production of the classic musical. There's nothing wrong with the dance itself, and his enthusiasm (those jumps!) is particularly on point for this number.
What the judges say: Olivia compliments Emma on her choreography and calls Hayes a "baby John." (I wonder what Leah thinks about that!) Bruno was impressed by Hayes' "star quality and charisma," but says he needs to take his dancing to the next level. Carrie Ann tells Hayes he's "such a stud," but to work on his lines.Julianne plugs her starring role in Fox's upcoming Grease: Live.
Score: 32 (out of 40)

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Andy Grammer and Allison Holker (jazz)
The dance: Andy's channeling his inner Gene Kelly for his and Allison's Singin' in the Rain number. I have to admit, the first part of the dance gets lost on me while I do a Google search to try to figure out Kelly's widow looks like she's 45 years old. Anyway, this performance is charming, even if they're not reinventing the wheel. Andy's got a classic gentlemanly presence, and doesn't miss a beat.
What the judges say: "It takes balls to take that on," Bruno says. "You succeeded." Carrie says the dance was as contemporary and fun and exciting as the original. Julianne notes that Andy is consistently improving week after week. And Olivia, who once danced with Gene Kelly, tells Andy she'd partner up with him any time.
Score: 40

Alexa PenaVega and Mark Ballas (cha cha)
The dance: Good lord, can we get through a single week of Dancing with the Stars this season without seeing a giant snake? Sigh. Call it the Bindi Effect. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'd stay frozen inside that cage rather than get out and put that creature around my neck, but Alexa looks remarkably calm for someone who's about to have a serpent caress her upper body. And she's even able to come across as pretty sexy and poised.
What the judges say: Carrie Ann says Alexa moved well, but missed the "essence" of Britney's sensuality until she had the snake. Julianne says this dance was a step down from last week. Olivia compliments Alexa's abs, and Bruno says the routine was sufficiently "titillating."
Score: 30

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough (rumba)
The dance: Nobody puts Bindi in a corner! Though the dance in Dirty Dancing is a mambo, Derek and Bindi manage to capture the spirit of the original with this fun rumba. Guess rehearsing in that smelly water paid off! And, Derek nails the lift he was so worried about, with only minimal bicep-shaking. It's not their best dance of the season, but it's the best of the night so far.
What the judges say: Julianne tells Bindi her legs were "on fire," and Olivia calls Bindi "enchanting." Bruno echoes their statements and says Bindi went from a star to a "supernova" with this dance. Carrie Ann thanks Bindi for making the judges' jobs easy.
Score: 40

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Paula Deen and Louis Van Amstel (jazz)
The dance: Paula's making the unlikely choice to go with Madonna's "Vogue" this week. You'd have to be humorless to not at least crack a smile at the oh-so-serious introduction to this number. I'm not sure exactly how much dancing Paula's doing - with the lower half of her body, that is - but it's entertaining nonetheless. Also, can we talk about Louis' legs?!
What the judges say: Olivia says Paula looked like she was having fun and "did Madonna proud." Bruno likens the dance to The National Enquirer - fun, but must be taken with a grain of salt. Carrie Ann says that the sexiness Paula had last week got lost in her elaborate costume. Julianne said Paula nailed the drama, if nothing else.
Score: 24

Carlos PenaVega and Witney Carson (rumba)
The dance: Aww, Carlos is concerned that his Magic Mike dance is too sexy. And after seeing it, I'd say that's a valid point. Kudos to Witney for doing a great job turning what was a solo striptease into a proper rumba - well, at least for a little bit. At one point I actually wondered whether she was supposed to be off stage for so long. Carlos gives Channing Tatum a run for his money, save for not being able to completely rip his own shirt off.
The dance: A flustered Bruno tells Carlos he needs to repent. Carrie Ann says he "owned it." Julianne praises Carlos for handling the shirt mishap with aplomb, and notes that it's the sexiest rumba she's ever seen. And Olivia says she's speechless and says Carlos may have missed his calling.
Score: 38

Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess (samba)
The dance: More John Travolta references to give Leah an eye twitch, probably. Nick is so cute, and may has well have hopped in a time machine back to the '70s, he looks so natural doing their disco-infused samba. He's definitely brought his dancing up to the next level in recent weeks, and this is no exception.
What the judges say: Good but not perfect, according to Carrie Ann, who says Nick kept slipping in and out of character. Julianne praises Sharna for truly reinventing the dance. Olivia tells Nick he brought disco back. And Bruno describes it as Saturday Night Epidemic (in a good way).
Score: 39

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Alek Skarlatos and Lindsay Arnold (jive)
The dance: I love the staging of Alek and Lindsay's jailhouse jive. Unfortunately, it's the most visually appealing thing about this dance. Alex seems a little stunted and lethargic. It's clear he's trying, and his kicks and flicks get better towards the end of the dance, but despite his huffing and puffing after the dance, it could have used even more energy.
What the judges say: Julianne reiterates that Alek needs to use his facial expressions more. Olivia plays Good Cop and praises Alek for his "courage" in taking on Elvis. Bruno notes that Alek went off a couple of times and needs to stop holding back. And Carrie Ann thinks Alek could use some coaching from Artem Chigvintsev.
Score: 30

Tamar Braxton and Val Chmerkovskiy (jazz)
The dance: The black and white effect is pretty cool, but Tamar seems like she's holding back a bit for this Janet Jackson number. Not with her lip-syncing, certainly, but with the dance itself. She just doesn't seem as relaxed or fluid as she should be - but maybe the scores from last week are still weighing on her mind. Based on the judges' comments, I'm in the minority on this one though.
What the judges say: Olivia compliments Val on his choreography and Tamar on her "militaristic" attitude. Bruno calls it a great comeback from last week and says she was indistinguishable from Janet herself. (That's debatable.) Carrie Ann says this was the hardest dance of the night, but Tamar nailed it. And Julianne praised Tamar on leading the group of dancers flawlessly.
Score: 40

Now, on to the elimination:

In jeopardy: Paula and Louis, Alexa and Mark

Safe: Alexa and Mark

Eliminated: Paula and Louis

What did you think, Dancing fans? Are you disappointed to see Paula go home? What was your favorite routine of the night? And did you think the perfect scores were deserved? Sound off in the comments!

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.