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Dancing's Derek Hough Explains How He Was a Hypocrite This Week

Plus: Details on next week's dance-off

Derek Hough

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your votes!

We survived the foxtrot! I'm not going to lie -- it was a challenging week trying to do the foxtrot to the Taxi theme. The struggle was very real! I had some really cool ideas and some really creative stuff, but when I tried to put it to music, nothing was connecting in my head. One of my pet peeves is when people don't do anything at the beginning of the routine to kill time, and I kind of did that with the red cloth. I was like, "Ugh, what am I doing?!" I was doing everything that I hate! Such a hypocrite! But it was impossible to foxtrot to the flute portion of the song. It's OK. We got through it!

Marilu did a great job with it. It was an improvement on the first week and she was able to show some elegance and poise. And she wasn't four feet of the mark this time! Honestly, I'm just glad that one is in the books. The music at the top of the song -- the flute portion -- was the entire song originally. I had worked with the band to tweak it as much as we could for a foxtrot. We had the drums kick in to give it more energy. Even then, it was not my favorite.


I do love our music this week for our tango. It's awesome and I think it's going to be good. Next week's show is going to be a little crazy. Monday is a one-hour show because of the debate, so we have to try to get all the dances in in a short amount of time. It's not exactly a dance-off, but everyone is paired off, so one person will dance and the other will go on stage and dance right after. Everyone will be scored and whoever scores highest in each pair will be immune from elimination. So, six people will be immune and six people will be up for elimination. It's all about match-ups this week -- someone who might be eliminated otherwise could be immune just because of the pairs.

We are paired opposite Laurie and Val -- the leaders! So we have our work cut out for us! I don't know how they paired everyone off. The producers just put it together. I think part of it is to have the youngest girl to go up against the eldest.

I was a bit surprised Jake was eliminated. But after thinking about it, it's all about connecting to the audience. It's not just about the scores. Your votes are so important and we all are truly grateful you guys take the time out to vote for us.

I hope from here on out that all that stuff with Ryan and the protestors are done with. We've milked it and beaten it to a pulp. Let's bring the focus back on what the show is about: the celebrities and their dancing. I think the results show this week was great for the celebrities. Did it need to be two hours? That was a little redundant. But it was fun to do those dances and the celebrities got a chance to bond. That was the great thing about the results shows. It was like a little clubhouse in the skybox. We don't have that anymore. The first show, obviously, had a weird energy backstage. So this was a really great way for everyone to hang out and see what a fun, communal experience this is.

See you Monday!