Jennifer Grey Jennifer Grey

Nobody, not even a Disney star or the daughter of Sarah Palin, can put Baby in a corner.

Jennifer Grey, the actress best known for her starring role opposite Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, was named the 11th winner of Dancing with the Stars. And while viewers may not be surprised that the judges' favorite took home the mirrorball trophy, she was shocked.

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"I was really surprised," Grey told following her win. "It means everything to me because I didn't think I could do it. It's a very satisfying experience."

At 50, Grey is the oldest woman to win Dancing with the Stars. Donny Osmond is the oldest altogether, after winning Season 9 at the age of 51. The housewife-turned-dance champ could've been crowned the winner even earlier had Grey accepted the producers' request years ago.

"I had been asked for nine years and I said no out of fear," she said. "I would've been robbed of this amazing experience had I not said yes and had the courage."

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"Jennifer and Derek [Hough] completely deserve the trophy," runner-up Kyle Massey added. "They worked extremely hard and went through a lot of ups and downs. At the end of the day, they blossomed into champions."

Still, the 19-year-old Disney star feels like a champion in his own right. "We were the underdogs," he exclaimed. His reward was his transformation over the past three months, both physical and mental. "I lost a ton of weight, but at the same time, I learned just how far I could push myself. There's no limit at how far you can push yourself if you're determined."

Bristol Palin, the season's third-place winner, says the experience also affected her. "It's given me a newfound confidence," Palin said. "Just knowing that I can go out there and do anything has really changed me."

As for all the naysayers, Palin, 20, said she and partner Mark Ballas tried to ignore them. "There's been points of [the competition] that have been wild and crazy, but we let it roll off our backs," she said. "We were mostly focused on the dancing than on the haters."

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The eldest Palin daughter did have a few choice words for the Wisconsin man who shot his television after watching her performance on Dancing: "Have fun in jail! Hope it was worth it." Added Ballas: "Not only do you have to buy a new TV, but now you're in jail."

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