Alfonso Ribeiro, Whitney Carson Alfonso Ribeiro, Whitney Carson

We're back with another Dancing with the Stars results show, before theTuesday edition retreats back into its glittery cave next week. A quick early observation: Can someone please inform Sadie Robertson that the camera can and will pan to her at any given opportunity? She's got a baaaad case of resting bitchface. End rant.

Tom and Erin waste no time in getting to the first set of results. Lea and Artem are safe; Randy and Karina are safe; Betsey and Tony are ...also safe! Twist!

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Karina, Peta and Val do a sultry dance while Nico & Vinz perform their hit single "Am I Wrong," and then we're treated to the best exchange of the night: Tommy Chong flashing his bare chest and asking Erin, "Do you want to touch my boob?" Fantastic. I might be rooting for Tommy to win this whole damn thing. (He won't.)

The next set of results: Tommy and Peta are safe; Michael and Emma are in jeopardy; Jonathan and Allison are safe.

Viewers have selected Janel and Val to give an encore performance of their "Call Me Maybe" foxtrot from Monday night, so then that happens.

More results: Janel and Val are safe; Bethany and Derek are safe; Sadie and Mark are in jeopardy.

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Allison Holker and Dance Moms' Maddie Ziegler then perform a (pretty cool) routine while Sia sings "Chandelier" — though refuses to show her face so that the audience can focus on the dancing. Way to honor the theme of the show, Sia.

BREAKING NEWS: In Len's absence next week, Kevin Hart will be a guest judge. An odd choice, though it is movie night ... I guess?

Before the last set of results are revealed, Julianne Hough pulls double duty, stepping out from behind the judges' table to perform a routine with all of the male pros.

We learn that Alfonso and Witney are safe; Tavis and Sharna are in jeopardy; Antonio and Cheryl are safe.

So that leaves Tavis and Sharna, Sadie and Mark, and Michael and Emma in jeopardy.

The final results:

Safe: Sadie and Mark, Michael and Emma

Sent home: Tavis and Sharna

At least Tavis will have more time for his book tour now.

What did you think? Were you surprised by tonight's vote? Are you looking forward to seeing Kevin Hart as a guest judge next week? Sound off in the comments!

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.