Katherine Jenkins Katherine Jenkins

Only 20 seconds into her cha cha, Katherine Jenkins faced what could have been a dangerous wardrobe malfunction when a pant leg that was supposed to be pulled off and discarded ended up twisted around her foot and ankle.

But the classical singer showed remarkable presence of mind on Monday night's Dancing With the Stars as she continued the dance with her high heel dragging the fabric across the floor. She was eventually able to kick it off her foot in a genius stroke of ad-lib choreography.

"I just thought, 'I have to carry on, I just have to keep dancing,'" says Jenkins, looking a bit shell-shocked after the show. "I may have looked calm, but on the inside, I was just screaming. I didn't want to bend down to pull it off because that would've looked really pathetic. I thought, 'I don't have time to stop!' Everybody knew there was a problem, so if I had done that, it would've just highlighted the problem."

Jenkins' pro partner, Mark Ballas, was still visibly upset after the show. "Me and Velcro have had issues the past couple of seasons," says Ballas. "In Season 12, with Chelsea Kane, we wore battery packs that lit up our gloves and her battery pack fell from the top of her leg on the first step she took. It swung around her ankle the whole time. And even though we got three 10s, the vibe was just squashed by panic." 

"That's a moment I don't ever want to recreate," says Jenkins. Worse yet, it's the first double elimination week, and Jenkins is worried that being a relative unknown leaves her vulnerable without dancing a step. "I just hope people can see that it was completely out of our hands."

The judges certainly did, rewarding the threesome's cha cha with an excellent score of 29. But for the night as a whole, Jenkins came in tied for third out of six competitors. "You know what? If we go out on that, it's memorable for sure," she says. "It's disappointing, though, because it's a routine we worked really hard on and wanted to do our best."

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