Dancing with the Stars
I think everyone's finally starting to balance fun with hard work everyone except a certain someone whose name starts with P and ends with

Miller. Samantha who acts like she's a hard-news journalist when she's backstage revealed that he's only rehearsed for a total of 20 hours all season while everyone else has put in about 130. Not even Ashly was willing to make excuses for that.

George and Edyta: Who else has just put Zorro, the Gay Blade on their Netflix queue? I agree with Carrie Ann that the mask kind of blocked some of his usual expressiveness. And Edyta was dancing rather frantically to make up for her partner's slower moments.
Tia and Maksim: Though slow, their fox-trot was all elegance. And she got to utter the cliché of the evening: "I come from the original 'hood, motherhood!"
P and Ashly: Though it was cute to see P acting at home in Ashly's lily-white hometown of Salt Lake City, that can't make up for the fact that he literally stomped his way through the paso doble. Nice hat, though.
Stacy and Tony: Tony was quite the comedian at the spa, and his laid-back attitude helped relax Stacy for the fox-trot. I know 8 out of 10 isn't really a low score, but I was surprised by Carrie Ann's criticisms.
Drew and Cheryl: It has been broughten. Thankfully, the awful band's slaughter of "Thriller" didn't distract too much from this exciting performance, complete with Michael Jackson zombie moves and Tom's witty remark about Drew carrying Webster.
Jerry and Anna: I'm glad there weren't too many comments about ballet being feminine. Jerry was very gentlemanly, if not entirely graceful.
Lisa and Louis: And I thought I was working long hours! Just watching her day wore me out. Does that second mention of motherhood mean that producers fed the line to her and Tia? I found her movements still too jerky, but the judges disagreed and ranked her up there with Stacy. Well, all we can do is hope the voting will finally give a certain Big Foot the boot tomorrow.