Dancing with the StarsThe competition was hot in more ways than one tonight. With Master P

out of the game, everyone was stepping up their game for the samba. And they all seem to have caught Lisa,

George and Edyta's tanning disease, too.

Stacy and Tony: I'm so disappointed that the scene of them in the samba club is the only time we got to hear actual Brazilian music. And I think Stacy's giggly porn quote, "My butt is going crazy! It tickles!" messed with the judges' brains. She was good, but not "perfect 30" good. Though she did look like she was having more fun than in past weeks.
George and Edyta: Every time I watch him having a blast on the stage, I forget that this is a competition. That is, until Edyta tries to overcompensate with that sliding split move she always does.
Lisa and Louis: Oh, Lisa, don't tell me that's a kabbalah string on your wrist! Anyway, though she's not up there technically, I think her movement and enthusiasm in the samba and the salsa actually beat Stacy's effort. For a minute there, it looked like Carrie Ann was going to jump over Len to throttle Bruno.
Tia and Maksim: Hate to say it, but I think they're the next to go. She looks great and has made great progress, but her footwork was slower than George's. Um, and maybe everyone else needs a trip to the zoo: How does a leopard print symbolize her inner tigress?
Jerry and Anna: Amazing! And I'm not just saying this because Jerry's daughter Jada was so adorable. The judges should have given him more credit for finally loosening up and getting into the music.
Drew and Cheryl: C'mon, judges, Drew may not have 4-foot-long legs, but he was so much fun out there! And that sneaky sleeve-stripping move, followed by intricate turns I can't fathom how it's worth less than Stacy's dance.

The group salsa was indeed impressive. But my vote for most passionate performance goes to the rehearsal footage of Anna threatening to step on Maksim's face. Sabrina Rojas Weiss