Mike Catherwood Mike Catherwood

Love Line co-host Mike Catherwood may have gotten the lowest scores on the leader board, but the first star to be eliminated from Dancing With The Stars twelfth season should've gotten big bonus points for brutal honesty — and wearing his heart on his sleeve.

The handsome 31-year-old went into this competition knowing he wasn't the next Fred Astaire. "I'm coordinated and athletic," says Catherwood. "But I'm not graceful. I'm very herky-jerky."|

Catherwood admits how hard it was to show up to rehearsals last Tuesday morning, the day after his first dance, the fox trot, and the morning after coming in last. "I went into this knowing I'm not a very good dancer. But it's still disappointing to know how much hard work my partner (Lacey Schwimmer) puts in, and hard much hard work the show puts in, and so you don't want to come out here and stink up the joint. It just makes you feel bad. So that was the hardest part." 

Catherwood relied on his comic bent, and the encouragement of his boss, Dr. Drew Pinsky, to help him muddle through. "When you sit next to the guy every single night and do live radio with him, he's had plenty of time to examine me. And I'm pretty open, pretty fearless about my shortcomings and my character flaws. When it comes to dancing, he said, 'Do it, man. I've never seen it do anything but great things for people. So why wouldn't it do that for you?'"

So Catherwood, in his own words "manned up" and got back out there this week, and tried again. But even Dr. Drew came loaded for bear on Monday night, when Catherwood again scored in the basement for his jive. "Dr. Drew's take is really that they're out to get me," says Catherwood. "That I don't deserve the scores they're giving me."

Said Schwimmer, "Dr. Drew was ready to throw down today. He told me, 'If those judges are mean to you today, I'm prepared to take action.'" Schwimmer looked impressed.  "Have you seen how buff Dr. Drew is?" Said Catherwood, "He could pick his teeth with Bruno."

The judges weren't mean, just stingy with the scores. And Catherwood was ready to accept his fate.  "If I get kicked off after the first week, at least I'll have the personal gratification of knowing that I did something that really scared me."

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