Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas, <EM>Dancing with the Stars</EM> Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas, Dancing with the Stars

It's a dislocated left shoulder for Dancing with the Stars pro Mark Ballas, who suffered the injury during the show's finale last night  while doing the cha-cha with his celebrity partner — and real-life love interest — Sabrina Bryan. According to his father, ballroom great Corky Ballas, Mark went in for an MRI Wednesday afternoon to determine whether surgery is needed to repair the damage.

"If you watch the tape," says Ballas, "you can actually see Mark grab his left shoulder during the dance. He actually danced that whole number with a dislocated shoulder. It happened right after he turned her under his left arm."

Following his performance, the young dance star was rushed by ambulance to the emergency room at Cedars-SinaiMedicalCenter, where doctors manipulated his shoulder back into place. "That was really tough, watching him go through that," says his father. "He'd been uncomfortable for a couple of days and we thought he had torn a muscle."

Bryan, who was required to stay in the studio audience for the duration of the finale, rushed to the hospital after the show was over. "When Sabrina got there, he felt much better," says Ballas' father. "It was like an instant fix, an early Christmas present." The elder Ballas, who has witnessed their blossoming relationship, says his son had been in a world of pain. "One of the things they have together is the laughter factor, which is good for the soul. I believe you heal faster when you're laughing. And those two are always laughing."

Another source of pain was that these two were at the hospital when the rest of the Dancing cast and crew were at a Hollywood nightclub for the goodbye party. When Sabrina told Mark that she had presents to give to all of them, Mark said, "I want to get dressed and come with you," according to his father. So at 2 am, Ballas and Bryan went to the wrap party. They stayed only 15 minutes and then Ballas went home to bed. "He's sleeping now," says his father.

Still to be determined is how long Ballas will be off the dance floor and whether his injury will cause him to miss the Dancing with the Stars 37-city national tour, which kicks off Dec. 18. Rehearsals for the tour, which include daily eight-hour dance sessions, began in earnest last Monday.

"Hasn't this been the wildest, craziest season?" asks Corky Ballas. "And now, to top it all off with Mark's injury? Talk about drama."

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