Will Wingfield by Joe Viles/Fox and Kherington Payne by Joe Viles/Fox Will Wingfield by Joe Viles/Fox and Kherington Payne by Joe Viles/Fox

Is ink thicker than blood?

For the top 10 contestants from So You Think You Can Dance's fourth season, it just might be. During the hiatus between the show's finale Aug. 7 and their national tour, which kicks off Tuesday, almost all of them got the same tattoo, inking the phrase "IV Real" into their skin.

"IV Real" first got audiences buzzing after a Dance episode in June in which all the contestants wore T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase across their chests. Following his exit from the show, Will Wingfield divulged how the line represents the spirit of the show's fourth season. But on Friday, he gave TVGuide.com more details on why it deserves the ink, and how it relates to where he and his fellow Dancers are going.

The tagline, he explained, all started with his girlfriend, who designed his tees for the show. One night, she stepped out of the car with the "IV Real" tee. "I just smiled and said, 'That's genius!'," he recalled. He and Twitch had been looking for a way to grab viewers' attention - and they found it. The line, Will believes, speaks to the group's talent, focus, energy and unity.

"So those four things came together," he said, "and we took it and ran with it. And we will run with it forever."

"Literally, forever," Kherington Payne added. Seated beside Will, she rolled her wrist over to display the fresh tattoo, the tagline written in a delicate script.

This past season's top 10 might not need the reminders, as many of them have post-tour projects and plans already in the works. For his part, Will said he's ready to get behind the camera, and has some scripts and ideas gestating. Season-winner Joshua Allen's happy in front of the camera and plans to try his hand at acting (not to mention recording music). At least one of the former contestants is already working on a TV pilot: Courtney Galiano, who was one of the four finalists, confided that she might be appearing in a new series - but she stayed mum on more details.

To Will, the Season 4 tagline, tattooed or not, will live on well beyond their Dance days. "Because it's not just with this show," he said. "Being for real is in life. We all had dreams. We all had goals, and we went for it. Period. We didn't let anybody stop up us. That makes you for real." - Anna Dimond

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