So You Think You Can Dance So You Think You Can Dance

Are the So You Think You Can Dance judges being too easy on break-dancer Jose Ruiz this season?

"I think we are, absolutely," says executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe.

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"The choreographers' job is to get them through, not to try to challenge them beyond their abilities," says judge Adam Shankman. Isn't this a competition; shouldn't they be challenged? "The kid has never taken choreography before; isn't that a challenge?" Shankman retorts. "He has no training!"

Even without training, Jose has yet to receive a technical critique like many others dancers have. Instead, they fawn over Jose for adding his own spunk and style to each of the numbers he's been assigned. Asks: Do you want more scripted summer series?

"Dancing isn't about technique," Lythgoe adds. "Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly would never be stars if it was about technique. Neither of them had great technique; they had charisma and Jose has incredible charisma."

As the number of dancers in Season 7 dwindled, it seemed evident that Jose would be the next to go home after Alex Wong. That is, until Jose conveniently pulled a "gold star" out of the box this week, pairing him up with Dominic Sandoval. So the B-boy just happens to get paired up with an all-star B-boy?

To be fair, the judges did finally dish out some negative comments toward Jose's first piece, a Broadway number with Courtney Galiano. But will it be his downfall?

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Bottom line, Lythgoe says, "This is not some little show where amateurs come on, because you have got to be f---ing brilliant to get on this show right now. Every one of [the dancers], in their own way, is quite brilliant. You don't get charisma like Jose."

How do you feel about the judges favoring Jose? Should he be held to a higher — or at least equal — standard?