Dan Gordon-Levitt, guest and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dan Gordon-Levitt, guest and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Dan Gordon-Levitt, the older brother of Joseph Gordon-Levitt better known as "Burning Dan," has died. He was 36.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted the news Tuesday evening and wrote a post on hitRECord.org, his collaborative website on which Dan was a partner.

"BURNING dAN brightly embodied that bold beastly bliss sometimes referred to as 'the creative spirit,'" he wrote. "He was my chief collaborator on the foundational incarnations of hitRECord.org over the years and continues to inspire us ever the more. He would absolutely positively insist that we not let this bad news deter us on our collective mission. That said, I might not feel up to it for a little while."

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A rep for the Inception star told TVGuide.com that no further details will be released at this time.A fire-spinner and professional photographer, Dan founded

Flow Temple, a school and performance group in Venice, Calif., for Flow Arts. Flow Arts is "a fitness meditation practice that puts bodies in balance and motion," according to his website.In his biography on the site, Dan said he started practicing body movement at age 7 and got involved with Flow Arts in 2002 after attending the Burning Man festival. He eventually became one of 28 worldwide leaders of the official Burning Man Fire Conclave troupes, his biography said.He traveled the world teaching and performing fire-spinning. The brothers often performed together — Dan fire-spinning with Joseph, 29, on drums — and uploaded videos on hitRECord.org and YouTube.

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In January, they promoted hitRECord.org at the Sundance Film Festival in the New Frontier Performances and Installations field.Because of their uncanny resemblance, Dan was often mistaken for his more well-known sibling — which he said was "wonderful.""He taught me to question the relationships other people have with their siblings because he would be my favorite person in the world even if I wasn't lucky enough to know him as my brother," Dan told PopEater in August. "He's just awesome in every way that I pay attention to. I ask myself, 'Do I love him because he's my brother or is he really that awesome?' He's really, really awesome."