Damon Lindelof Damon Lindelof

Lost co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof is finalizing a three-year overall deal with Warner Bros. TV, Deadline reports.

"I'm ready to come back to TV full-time," he told the site. "This [deal] is about me creating my next show."

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Although Lindelof has kept plenty busy since Lost left the prime-time island two years ago — he has been working on the upcoming Prometheus and next year's Star Trek sequel — he says he's missed the energy of series television.

Lindelof said he wants to continue to explore the sci-fi and fantasy genres, but don't expect another series with what he calls "wackadoo mythology." "What I love about television is character-based storytelling, and I want to continue to explore fantastical ways of doing it where characters live in a world that is a little skewed," he said. "I won't be the one that would come up with the next Lost."

Lindelof also said his next series won't necessarily land on one of the major networks, and said he is signing with Warner Bros. because of the option of going to cable. "It was important that I would be able to sell to any network, and I wanted to be able to do cable series," he said.

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