Damon Lindelof Damon Lindelof

Lost co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof is pairing with author Tom Perrotta to adapt his 2011 book The Leftovers into a TV show for HBO, Deadline reports.

The Leftovers tells the story of the confused citizens of Mapleton, who lost many of their friends and lovers in a Rapture-like event known as the Sudden Departure and have to figure out just how to go on. Lindelof, 30, and Perrotta, 50, will co-write together and executive-produce with Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger. If HBO picks up The Leftovers to series, Lindelof would serve as showrunner.

Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof close to signing three-year deal with Warner Bros. TV

HBO originally bought the rights to The Leftovers in August 2011. The Leftovers is Lindelof's first project under his new three-year deal with Warner Bros. deal (Warner Bros. and HBO are both owned by Time Warner).

Perrotta also wrote the books Election and Little Children, the latter of which earned him an Oscar nomination for co-writing the screenplay for the 2006 film starring Kate Winslet.