Noah Bean, <EM>Damages</EM> Noah Bean, Damages

Poor David. On FX's dynamic and compelling Damages, Noah Bean's intern is perhaps the one character whose fate we do know, seeing as his eventual (and rather brutal) murder-by-hideous-bookends is at the crux of the series' mystery. Still, there are questions to be answered, such as: Will David cheat on Ellen? Will he get in Patty's face anytime soon? And what could Damages' second season possibly be about? urged Bean to spill the... beans. I must admit, I hesitated to book this interview, because David's story had been pretty quiet. But then, boom, with last week's episode, all of the sudden, stuff is happening.
Noah Bean: [Laughs] Yeah, David was a little slow out of the gate, but things are going to heat up the next few weeks. What did you think when you read the first few scripts for Damages, and first got a taste of its twisty-turny flavor?
Bean: Oh, man, I was hooked. Just reading the pilot script, it was one of the best I have ever read, and it totally had me. When she threw the dog collar? That moment is I think more chilling than when you see me dead in the bathtub. One of our executive producers said to me that it's a lot easier for people to accept a person getting killed than it is to see a dog get killed. Nothing is as it seems on this show. The Daily News summed it up pretty well when its tune-in alert said, "Be sure not to miss the show — but never expect to be one step ahead."
Yeah, and that’s a credit to Todd and Glenn Kessler and Dan Zelman, our writers and executive producers. They are working day and night to keep all the stories moving in as many directions as possible. The greatest thing about it is that it felt to me like there was a reason behind all of the twists and turns. It wasn't as if you felt they were just screwing with the audience. It's fascinating. I feel tremendously blessed. You're on a cast with the likes of Glenn Close and Ted Danson, who's doing some of his finest work.
Bean: Oh, Danson is kicking ass. He is doing amazing work. Frobisher, on the page, is a great character, but Danson has just brought it above and beyond. He has made this fascinating, three-dimensional character. That scene in the second episode, when he's watching his kids in the pool, you see so much going on in his head. And the next thing you know, he's f--king a hooker in the back of a car, and that’s the moment he makes his decision. Before the season is up, are you going to have any meaty scenes with Glenn Close or Ted Danson?
Bean: Glenn and I had a run-in that you'll see pretty soon. And I've got my fingers crossed with Danson. We're in the eighth episode right now. Lila, the patient's daughter who came on to David last week, made it clear she's open to anything.... How quick is he to jump at her offer?
Bean: [Laughs] Well, you never know what'll happen.... Like you said, you think you're going down one path and then... even the most obvious decisions for all of us don’t end up the way you imagine. I wouldn’t put it past Patty to have arranged it for David to get this patient with a slutty daughter, all to fracture Ellen's relationship.
Bean: It's hard to put much past Patty. But at the same time, like with the bomb episode, you realize she can't protect herself all the time. There are ways of getting through that wall sometimes. And that’s a credit to the show and to Glenn that Patty is still human. She seems like she could do anything she wants, but she shows her vulnerability, too. Glenn makes her a woman and a mother and a wife, not just a crazy bitch. She does have some morals deep down there. Whatever David has or doesn't have going on with Lila, does it play a big role in the ultimate dissolution of his and Ellen's engagement?
Bean: What can I tell you...? Our writers are pretty damn smart, and they’ll put you up in a tree and throw as many stones at you as they can. Perhaps this potential affair isn’t the worst storm David and Ellen have to weather?
Bean: That's pretty safe to say, I think. Yeah. What's the grand plan here, with Damages? The Ellen and Patty Hewes story, is that strictly for Season 1? If there's a Season 2, will we wipe the slate clean and start with all new people?
I... I wish I knew. I really don’t. I think that the writers want to answer a lot of questions, like my murder and this Frobisher stuff, but.... I don’t know for sure. As much as we'd like to spend more time with these people, the solving of the murder would seem to preclude those involved from returning.
Right. The guys have been pretty adamant that they never wanted this to be a procedural courtroom drama. You’ve got Ellen in this flash-forward stuff in the interrogation room, I don’t know if that’s from where you go into a second season.... They’ve created a structure for themselves where they can do whatever they want. These guys are smart enough that they won't need or want to milk a storyline for longer than it's interesting. They want this show to run as long as  it can run, and I would be really surprised if this show doesn’t get a second season. But as for my character, unless I'm going to be a zombie...! [Laughs]

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