Patrick Duffy Patrick Duffy

With the Ewing family in crisis (are they ever not?), Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is forced to make a difficult choice about the future of Southfork on tonight's Dallas (9/8c, TNT). So who does a cowboy turn to at such a crossroads? His late mama, naturally.

As this first look video clip shows, Bobby brings a simple bouquet of flowers to the woodsy grave of Miss Ellie, a.k.a. Eleanor Southworth Ewing Farlow, who passed away in 2001. Keep an eye out for other Ewing headstones in the gated family plot, including Miss Ellie's mama, Barbara (named as a nod to Ellie's portrayer, Barbara Bel Geddes, who herself passed away in 2005).

"I remember you once told me that family is like baking a cake from scratch, real messy," Bobby tells Ellie. "Well, I wish I could tell ya things were different, Mama, but they're not."

With Bobby's fragile health about to take a turn for the worse, might the Ewings being burying another body before season's end? It wouldn't be the first time Bobby was laid to rest at Southfork, though that, of course, was all one big misunderstanding. Stay tuned, y'all.... 

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