Linda Gray Linda Gray

Experts say the upcoming presidential election will be determined by undecided voters. 

Well, no matter if you're Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or Green, this inspirational campaign video put out by TNT should instill universal confidence in political hopeful Sue Ellen Ewing. 

In the spirit of the election season (and to promote the Jan. 28 premiere of Dallas' second season), the folks at TNT spliced together this faux campaign ad from Season 1 clips depicting glamorous Linda Gray in all her gubernatorial glory. Will Sue Ellen win or lose? It's up to you, America... 

Well, no. It's actually up to the show's writers, who may have a tricky time keeping Sue Ellen planted in Dallas if she wins the election and has to relocate to the Governor's Mansion in Austin. Or perhaps they're planning an Austin spin-off series. Regardless, let's hope Sue Ellen has top-notch security detail given the Ewings' historical propensity to attract bullets.

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