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[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals major plot points from Wednesday's Dallas season finale.]

Everything's bigger in Texas, and the first season finale of TNT's Dallas was no exception.

After weeks of crazy twists and turns, the first season of the re-launched prime-time soap flipped many story lines upside down in one final swoop before riding into the hiatus sunset. So who did Elena choose? What's next for Christopher and John Ross' partnership? And, most importantly, what is Rebecca's real identity? Read on to get all the juicy (and kinda gross) details:

1. C'est la vie, Tommy. Before unraveling several season-long story lines, Dallas was nice enough to clear up last week's big cliff-hanger good and quick: it was Tommy — not Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) — who was shot and killed. It was an outcome viewers saw from a mile away, but the series went against fan expectations by not having Rebecca miscarry her twins. When Tommy's blood was shown splattering on the two stuffed animals Christopher gave Rebecca, many thought it was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

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2. But Bobby lives! Another "no duh" moment for sure, but it was a nice surprise to see Bobby (Patrick Duffy) get back into action so quickly after his near-death experience and get Vincente Cano thrown into jail for fraud and Veronica's murder, as well as pull the curtain back on J.R. (Larry Hagman) and John Ross' conspiracy plans.

3. Don't mess with Ann. No, Annie (Brenda Strong) doesn't have a gun, but she's got a microphone taped to her chest, which she used when tricking Harris Ryland into confessing his plan to blackmail Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) into money laundering. Her deception, and her left hook to Harris' face, not only solidified Sue Ellen's plan to run for governor, but also cemented a place for Ann as a true-blue and ruthless Ewing. Yee-haw!

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4. Christopher and Rebecca are dunzo. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) was simply trying to find "Rebecca's" "brother" Tommy out of the goodness of his heart after he saw the bruises on his wife's face. Unfortunately, he got a lot more than he bargained for when he went to Tommy's hotel room and answered a call from Tommy's real sister, Rebecca, who lives in Des Moines. Christopher not only broke it off with the woman we knew as Rebecca for good, but threatened to throw her in jail and take away the babies forever. But if Rebecca isn't really Rebecca, who is she?

5. Elena finally made her choice. For a minute there, it looked like Elena (Jordana Brewster) and John Ross (Josh Henderson) might get their happily ever after. But once she learned he had lied about his involvement in stealing Southfork (thanks at least partly to Bobby and those tapes Veronica  made), she threw the oil-colored engagement ring right back in his face and walked out. Then, after Christopher discovered "Rebecca" wasn't really Tommy's sister, he proclaimed his love for Elena, gave her back her first engagement ring and the two made love.

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6. Rebecca's true identity revealed. Fans were shocked and — if you're like this viewer — a little grossed out to learn that "Rebecca Sutter" is actually Ms. Barnes, the daughter of Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) and the niece of Pamela Barnes (Victoria Principal), the adoptive mother of her husband, Christopher. He and Rebecca may not share actual blood, but that too-close-for-comfort relationship definitely puts the "ew" in Ewing! It turns out Tommy was just a hired goon who got greedy and went off the rails. Rebecca has been working for her father for the past two years so that their family could get their piece of Ewing Energies and "put that family down."

7. Like father, like son. Although John Ross kept preaching about bringing the Ewing family back together and putting his differences with Christopher and Bobby in the past, his final exchange with dear ol' dad J.R. spoke volumes. After tearfully (and unsuccessfully) trying to keep Elena, John Ross told his father he planned to take Ewing Energies from her and Christopher, and that he had no intention of letting J.R. in on the deal until the right time. He also threatened to put J.R. back in "that home" for good if J.R. screwed him over, to which J.R. gave an approving, maybe even proud, look, natch.

What did you think of the Dallas season finale? Did you see the big reveal about Rebecca coming? How long will it be before Christopher and company find out who she really is? And will John Ross or Christopher win out in the fight for Ewing Energies? Sound off in the comments below!