Kuno Becker Kuno Becker

Dallas just struck oil with the casting of a Latin heartthrob who's sure to get both oil and blood bubblin' when Season 2 debuts on TNT in late January.

Mexican film star Kuno Becker, 34, has been signed to play Andres, the troubled brother of Elena (Jordana Brewster). As a boy, Andres ("Drew" to friends and family) witnessed his papa's death, which turned him into an angry juvenile delinquent. He ended up enlisting in the military, and after a tour in Iraq straightened him up, found work on oil rigs all over the globe. He's sure to provoke the wrath of Bobby, J.R. and all the Ewings when he returns to Southfork to continue drilling where his father left off.

Mostly unknown to American audiences, Becker had a recurring role on CBS's short-lived 2010-11 legal drama The Defenders. He also appeared on three episodes of CSI: Miami's final season last year. He gained international notoriety as the star of the 2005-09 Goal! film trilogy. But Dallas is surely the soapy vehicle destined to turn him into a star.

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