Daisy Donovan hosts <EM>Daisy Does America</EM> Daisy Donovan hosts Daisy Does America

Tonight, TBS and executive producers Courteney Cox and David Arquette invite viewers to tune in as Daisy Does America (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET) in a new, unscripted series that follows Brit actress-comedienne Daisy Donovan as she tours the countryside in search of no less than "the American Dream." How does the import fare at bounty-hunting, rap-singing, poker-playing, dog-handling and more? TVGuide.com checked in with Donovan just before her stateside endeavor premiered.

TVGuide.com: So, what exactly are you doing here with Daisy Does America? Anything that might make us want to rescind your green card?
Daisy Donovan:
[Gasps] God, I hope not! I am traveling across America, getting into different worlds that might embody the American dream — or, at least, [sampling] jobs that I would really like to be involved in, like being a bounty hunter, a wedding planner, a beauty queen.... All sorts of things that, for an English person, seem very exciting. For example, the wedding planner isn't just a normal wedding planner: I worked with someone in Gatlinburg, Tenn., who runs a chapel that has 20 weddings day, so it's pretty fast and furious! It's very good fun, but obviously each of these worlds is sort of eccentric, not your average everyday suburban life.

TVGuide.com: What vocation did you discover yourself to be good at, surprisingly or not?
Hmmm... poker I quite like! They thought I was a ringer at one competition, which was very exciting because I had never played poker and had to learn very quickly. I mustn't say what the endings are, but I was quite happy with the dog-show handling — although I wasn't very good at it.

TVGuide.com: Along the way, will you be treating us to such colorful British lingo as "bumbershoots," "torches" and "flats"?
This is the thing that I realized: I'd say I need to get "a new pair of trainers," and everyone thinks I'm talking about two physical trainers, when I mean sneakers. In moments like that, I sort of got viciously checked on by the producer, who said, "No, we don't say that." "No, we don't say that." I get told off for any Englishisms.

TVGuide.com: What did you learn about being an "all-American girl" versus what you presumed going into this?
What I learned is that it can encapsulate so many things. What's important is not to go in judging any situation, but to be really open-minded. Worlds where I think, "Oh, I'll never be able to succeed" or "It will be really difficult" or "I'll be frightened," it's completely the opposite. I've learned never to expect any results — you can't work out what's going to happen or who you're going to make friends with. Like with the female bounty hunter, Donna, I was terrified of her for about a day, just because she was so cross with me, like I was an idiot near her. But eventually she really took me under her wing.

TVGuide.com: What do you think of your bosses, Courteney Cox and David Arquette? Were you a fan of either Friends or the Scream movies?
Yes, very much so. They're fantastic and they've been very hands-on in the edit.

TVGuide.com: Were you aware that as part of the publicity push for your series, TBS sent reporters vases full of daisies?
I heard this! Does that work well with men? Maybe a hot dog would have been better?

TVGuide.com: Eh. I put mine in some water, kept them on my desk until they died. It actually wasn't until the publicist pointed out that they were daisies that I made the total connection to you, Daisy. I just figured they were, you know, "flowers."
I like that, very masculine! "Flowers are flowers. Whatever." [Laughs]