Peter Krause, Lee Pace, and Jonny Lee Miller Peter Krause, Lee Pace, and Jonny Lee Miller

Pop, pop, pop go all three sophomore bubbles shows at ABC.

Sources tell that the network has taken a pass on greenlighting any additional episodes of Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, and that all three series will come to an end when this season's 13-episode orders expire. (ABC's other "bubble show," Life on Mars, just got an order for four additional episodes and will be moving to Wednesday nights in January.)

Daisies wrapped production on its 13thepisode last week, at which point series creator Bryan Fuller said he was holding out hope that high-ranking advocates for his show would work some magic. Didn't happen. Fuller, though, has said that Ned and Chuck's story, in such a sitch, will continue on in comic-book form. So there's that.

Dirty Sexy stars William Baldwin and Seth Gabel told earlier this week that they were just finishing their own 13th episode, and urged fans to tune in, or see the Darlings cash out. Like the economy, they got caught in a downward spiral.

Eli Stone was perhaps the longest shot of the three, not benefiting from the fanatical support that the fantastical Daisies did, nor possessing the sexy sheen of DSM.

Is all hope lost for fans of the above? I'm not one to extend false expectations, but an insider from at least one of the aforementioned trio urges me to remind you that as long as new episodes are on the air, there is always that slim chance that improved ratings could — could — beckon a white horse to save the day.