Giovanni Ribisi, Vanessa Lachey Giovanni Ribisi, Vanessa Lachey

Warner (Giovanni Ribisi) is faced with a dilemma on Tuesday's episode of Dads: Will he choose his wife Camila (Vanessa Lachey) or his best friend Eli (Seth Green) to be his partner in a tennis tournament?

It should be noted that the competition is a virtual one — they're playing video game tennis. Still, it's a big decision. Camila eventually wins out, much to the dismay of Eli, who begins to question his friendship with Warner.

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"We had a lot of fun making this episode," Lachey tells "These guys are comedic geniuses. ... The hardest part for me sometimes is keeping a straight face."

Not everyone feels the same way about the show, but Lachey waves off critics who find some of the humor offensive. "What I love about the show is that [creator] Seth MacFarlane is not afraid to push the envelope and just speak about taboo issues. I think that's probably why people are taken aback by it at first," she says. "Nothing is disrespectful. Nothing is intentionally in your face mean or over-the-top. ... If we can't laugh at the end of the day and be entertained by this thing called life, then what are we doing?"

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of "Doubles Trouble" below:

Dads airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Fox.